10 Amazing Locations Rock Bands Played In

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Over the years we’ve seen musicians perform in all sorts of weird places, but now these rock musicians took it to a different level. We look back at the 10 Amazing Locations Rock Bands Played In:

Rage Against the Machine on Wall Street

Year 2000 hit Wall Street where no one saw it coming. On January 26 of that year Rage Against The Machine went to the heart of the machinery that gave them their name to record their new video clip for “Sleep Now in the Fire.” They weren’t allowed to make noise or exit the Federal Hall stairs, so they broke both. “Whatever happens, don’t stop playing,” Michael Moore, director of the shoot, warned them. He ended up being arrested.


Metallica in Antarctica

A couple of years ago, Metallica put on a concert in Antarctica; a small event that only a select hundred people were able to attend, and according to the iconic thrash metal group it was historic, since they were supposedly among the first to live that experience.


Red Hot Chili Peppers at The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt


Red Hot Chili Peppers made history by giving a historic concert for its location: the pyramids of Giza. It was the first time that the rock group had given a concert in Egypt and it did not do so in any place, but in one of the wonders of the world.


KISS on a Boat at a Concert for Sharks

A KISS concert with white sharks. It’s not a joke, it’s an unusual experience – underwater off the Australian coast to enjoy a concert by the veteran rock band while learning about marine fauna together with the musician Matt Waller and the doctor in Blake Chapman sharks.



The White Stripes at a Bowling Alley

In 2007, garage-revival duo White Stripes embarked on a Canadian tour that focused on weird spots in cities and provinces to do a rock concert with. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was one of the more well-known places on the itinerary, but the couple put their own spin on it by booking a surprise concert at a local bowling alley.


Foo Fighters Performed on a Truck Flatbed Protesting the Westboro Baptist Church

The Foo Fighters are no strangers to viral news. Throughout the band’s long history, they have made headlines many times. From helping miners trapped in the Beaconsfield mine collapse to putting on a surprise performance in the small Italian town of Cesena after seeing a viral video made by 1000 local musicians, the band are never afraid to do something unusual. But one of their memorable acts was when they cruised into Kansas City for a concert in 2011, Westboro Baptist Church protested that time and Foo Fighters were also protesting right back at them, not once, but it happened twice!


The Cramps Performed in a Mental Institution

Johnny Cash never really shot a man in Reno just to watch him bleed to death, there was somewhat perfectly proper in the circumstances about his iconic shows at California’s Folsom and San Quentin prisons. This 1978 Cramps concert at a mental institution in Napa doesn’t carry the same historical weight, but it seems just as synergistic.



The Grateful Dead at the Pyramids of Giza

It happened in 1978, and at first it was the idea of ​​his manager, Richard Loren, and the legendary Californian band accepted with delight. From the first moment, achieving it seemed like a chimera, and on top of that they insisted on playing three days in front of the pyramids, although in the end it was two. taking into account that the dates would be in September and in Egypt, they would perform at night.


The Beatles on a Rooftop

At noon on January 30, 1969, The Beatles began what would be the band’s last live concert. It was 40 minutes during which the Liverpool quartet, accompanied by keyboardist Billy Preston, unexpectedly met on the roof of Apple Corps – their recording studio in London.



Chino Moreno Inside a Volcano

The event was part of the Secret Solstice festival that took place on the Thrihnuagigur volcano and only 20 fans were able to witness the performance in which Moreno played 400 feet below the surface, inside the dormant magma chamber.