10 “Classic” Bands That Are Still Alive

ROCK Will Keep Them Alive …

These “Classic Rockers” will definitely astound you the way they keep on rocking all these years. They just don’t give up, and refusing to give up the mantle. And of course, most of us rock fans wanted to see some classic rock bands reunite or get back together, like Led Zeppelin for example. Most of us grew up with these bands, and here they are living their life and still rocking and grinding it all the way. And most of these bands are still on tour.

But the real question is, how will they be going to last longer, with, of course, the original members? Here at Rock Pasta, we compiled a list of some of our favorite rock bands that are still kicking and alive today. These bands have more than 80% of their original members that still play with the band.



The Bad Boys from Boston are still kicking it to this very day. And of course, Steven Tyler is considered to be one of rock’s greatest singers and is restless continuing to entertain many people.


Guns N’ Roses

They still got it, the upbeat rock music, Slash still got the guitar work, and Axl Rose still killing it like only he can. Despite not playing for a very long time together, they still got the excellent balance.


ZZ Top

They’ve been around since they started (except for the downtown when they needed to find their sound) and there are way too many to list great songs in their catalogs, sadly they’ve never won a Grammy. Hopefully, that day will come.


Deep Purple

If longevity is a factor to be the greatest, then Deep Purple should have won it, but the thing is it actually hurts the band more than it helps, – the very reason why they never got inducted earlier than 2016 into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. But the good thing is, they are still alive and sound.


Blue Oyster Cult

The most underrated band ever, and IMHO, the fact that they can’t seem to own the world right now, means that they haven’t been rated highly enough to be included as one of the best band — thus underrated. Though the band is still doing the hell they can to give classic rock fans the sound they needed.


The Rolling Stones

Having the immortal Keith Richards in the band, they would probably still play for a hundred years or more, but if we’re going to make a bet, The Rolling Stones rawness, grittiness, grind, and flair can be no forever matched. Even at old age, they’re the only ones who can do what they do.


Def Leppard

Def’s music speaks for itself meaning they are one of the great bands out there. One of our musical favorites and they are still on tour, doing it in an old-fashioned “rock n’ roll” way.



If life is a “Journey,” then the band itself is life.  This classic band is definitely one of the all-time favorites. And they just can’t stop believing that they still got it – they are currently on tour with Def Leppard right now.


Fleetwood Mac

A Classic Rock list is not complete without listing down Fleetwood Mac in it, and in this case, no rock band has survived so much than them. You might say that much of their stories were just made up, but the truth is they weren’t just another stories, but mystical things that brought the band back to life up to this very day.



Yeah, I know. It’s not QUEEN if Freddie Mercury is not in it, but the truth is, it’s not about the band, but the music. Freddie’s LEGACY. And the only one that can nail it is the replacement, Adam Lambert and he’s definitely doing a great job. I know, there would never be another Freddie Mercury, not in this lifetime, but it’s great to see that even in old age, the band is still trying to share the LEGACY of one of the greatest frontman in rock history to this generation.