10 Classic Rock Albums In 1973

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The Year Certainly Produced A Lot Of Great Recordings

1973 is not probably the best year that comes to mind when we’re talking about great albums, but then when you pay more attention, there was quite a lot of great releases and it all clears the mindset.

Some examples are all former Beatles released their find solo albums in 1973, and there was this album that we call The Dark Side of the Moon. So, yeah – probably most of the great albums came from 1973.

In this list, we focus on looking back at hundreds of albums released in 1973, and we’re going to pick the best of the best 10 Classic Rock albums that definitely caught our attention for many years.


10. Black Sabbath—Sabbath Bloody Sabbath


9. Chicago—Chicago VI



8. Genesis—Selling England by the Pound



7. George Harrison—Living in the Material World


6. Jethro Tull—A Passion Play


5. John Lennon—Mind Games



4. Led Zeppelin—Houses of the Holy



3. Lynyrd Skynyrd—(Pronounced Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd)



2. Pink Floyd—The Dark Side of the Moon


Honorable Mention: Queen—Queen


1. ZZ Top—Tres Hombres