10 Facts About ‘Madame George’ By Van Morrison

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Surely there are a million poets better than Van Morrison, but the emotional impact of a few verses beyond where the Irish singer manages to place them when they come out of his mouth are counted. The lyrics of his songs make real sense when they are heard in their overwhelming interpretations and on the contrary: it is not possible to get the most out of a great song if its content is not well understood.

Below are the 10 Facts About ‘Madame George’ By Van Morrison:

From The Album Astral Weeks

Van Morrison confessed that he would not be able to highlight any song among the eight because what predominates in it is a sense of unity and hypnotic atmosphere in the songs that make up this album great.

Nightlife On Cyprus Avenue

It is about the nightlife on Cyprus Avenue, which is recognized in the track’s first line (“down on Cyprus Avenue”). Cyprus Avenue is a genuine site in Van Morrison’s hometown of Belfast, Ireland.

Madame George Is Not Only The One Mentioned In The Song

There are several personas in this number, but they each orbit around Madame George, who gambles, parties, and gun possession.

First Entitled As “Madame Joy”

It was originally titled “Madame Joy” and was further upbeat and celebratory. In 1973 on the T.B. Sheets record, Morrison issued that initial Astral Weeks version, recorded on September 25, 1968.

Madame George Is A Drag Queen Many Have Speculated

Morrison has disputed this, revealing it’s just a mishmash of various people he’d known.

Journalist Lester Bangs Questioned The Meaning Of The Song

He has thoughtfully doubted Morrison’s claim that it’s all just a mishmash due to the title “Madame.”

George Could Be Just A Woman’s Name

It’s likewise plausible that it’s utterly a woman named George – or a transgender for that matter.

Morrison’s Best

It went on to become one of the most critically valued tunes in popular music annals. Many recognize it as Morrison’s best, including Morrison himself.

The Longest Song On The Album

9:45 minutes long making it the longest song on Astral Weeks.

Sandy Row Is A Street Name

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland while Sandy Row is a street in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A train journey from one another takes about two-and-a-half hours.