10 Fads In The 1970’s You Most Likely Forgot About

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Numerous people would claim that the ’70s, in all of their feathered-hair, polyester-clad reputation, haven’t developed as well as other decades. We look back at the 10 Fads In The 1970’s You Most Likely Forgot About:


Everyone appeared to own a fondue set in the ’70s, but it’s not precisely on the peak of everyone’s account for a must-have apparatus today.



The awkwardly solid clogs of the ’70s were a firmly Scandinavian import, frequently used with bell bottoms and rustic tops. 


Aviator Glasses

You gotta admit that the 70s’ eyewear was weird — Aviator Glasses weren’t meant to blend in especially those oversized spectacles.



Odds are great that your memories of the ’70s involve a man in a holiday suit highlighting his most delightful disco moves.


Shag Rugs

One of the intriguing interior design fashion of the ’70s is unquestionably shag carpeting, which frightened to plunge.

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Back in the early ’70s when Nerf managed to sell just one product: a squishy 4-inch foam ball.

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Custom Vans

You won’t discover many air-brushed flashes anymore, but you will find loads of natural wood rooms and super-clever design plans.



In the ’70s, it appeared like everyone had their own passionately handwoven string designs dangling on the walls, or quite yet, carrying some sort of houseplant.


Platform Shoes

The memories we had for the ’70s were fluttering around in platform footwear, you plausibly recognize how absurd they were — but how cool you felt using them. 



Some people are abandoning their Xbox for an old Atari 2600, but the nostalgia that befalls games like Pong, Asteroids, and Centipede is robust.