10 Greatest 80’s Rock Songs From Sammy Hagar

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Uncompromising and determined, singer Sammy Hagar has followed his own creative impulses throughout his 34-year career, despite criticism of him. He started out as the frontman of a band called Montrose, which curiously gained recognition only after his demise, becoming a “cult” band. After being fired from the band, Sammy Hagar after years of solo career became known as the “Red Rocker”. We look back at the 10 Greatest 80’s Rock Songs From Sammy Hagar”

Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy

The fantastic Your love is driving me crazy – the first single on the album, Three Lock Box released in 1982. This is the last track on side a.


Eagle’s Fly

I Never Said Goodbye has very good moments, for example with Eagles Fly. It is a good eighties hard rock album that was overshadowed by Hagar’s presence on Van Halen.


‘Animation / Valley of the Kings / Giza’

Animation is another guitar whip, less obvious than the first but that in my opinion once again shows us the hallmark of the red-haired Californian. In Valley of the kings – one of my favorites – we find an elegant guitar, an impressive voice, and a fantastic bass, well, as in general the entire album, although here a greater influence of Schon seems to be noticed again. Giza does not contribute much and it is the end, a simple coda of the previous one.


Heavy Metal

The cut “Heavy Metal” became part of the ‘soundtrack’ of the cult film of the same name, and where Sammy Hagar (in compositional collaboration with Jim Peterik) delved hand in hand into a subject full of punch and wit, with a stimulating work on the six strings from start to finish and that – manifestly – becomes one of the key pieces of this “Standing Hampton”. The essential ballad cannot be missing, and this one makes an appearance with “Baby, It’s You”, where the ‘Red Rocker’ exhibits his talent, in this aspect, giving the song the necessary emotion to blatantly fascinate the listener.


Why Can’t This Be Love?

In any case, 5150 contains a handful of good songs. In fact, although it is not always significant, five singles were released. The most successful of them was Why Can’t This Be Love? One of the pearls of this new musical journey for the band. Absolute prominence for the keys, following in the wake of Jump, on which Sammy makes one of his best performances. The bridge and the chorus, superb.


I’ll Fall in Love Again

“I’ll Fall In Love Again” the good manners that Sammy Hagar shows when giving away well-cared songs on the melodic plane, interpreted with great elegance Through his timing and that fully immerses us in his particular stamp and way of understanding Rock. All a delight.


There’s Only One Way to Rock

There’s Only One Way To Rock “, a classic focused on crowded stadiums and that makes you vibrate from beginning to end … Simply authentic Rock in its pure and adrenaline state, one of those musical pieces that you never forget and become part of the culture of our roll.


I Can’t Drive 5

The huge hard rock hit “I Can’t Drive 55”. One of the most prominent and iconic themes in the “Red Rocker” discography. He even performed with Van Halen during concerts.  Full of dynamism and musical positivism, the song knows how to perfectly hook -from its first listen- with its successful melodies and the unappealable/frenetic rhythm of the drums, which gives it an energetic rock pulse throughout its minutes.


Cabo Wabo

“Cabo Wabo” has air to the Robert Plant in Hagar’s voice, it is another good song that ends up becoming very long, I think the idea was not enough to fill those more than seven resulting minutes, But it is a historical song for our friend Hagar because from it he founded his chain of Mexican food and drink canteens Cabo Wabo, eventually marketing a brand of tequila with that name. Eventually, other rock and roll bon vivant like Vince Neil would follow suit, but, as far as I can remember, Sammy was the first.


Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds triumphs for its energetic rhythm where Alex and Michael rule. On them, now yes, Eddie marks a fabulous guitar line, passes keys, and adorns everything with a good solo. Sticky and effective chorus. Sammy has his virtues but he doesn’t sneak like a gigolo.