10 Legendary Rock Bands On Ridiculous TV Commercials

via @Funny Curious | YouTube

Hawkers throughout are in love working with celebs and legendary rock bands for their business. Who wouldn’t desire to purchase an overpriced truck endorsed by one of the most famous rock bands ever?

Rolling Stones- Kellogg’s Rice Krispies- 1964

Following Mick and his sidekick, Keith’s performance about Snap, Crackle, and Pop on TV had to be absolutely excruciating for classic rock fans.

Iron Butterfly- Ban Roll-On- 1968

A metal band on a deodorant commercial? Above all, nothing says thick riffs for your old roll-on.

Paul Revere & the Raiders- Pontiac GTO- 1969

The group ingeniously wrote a song entitled ‘Time After Time, but then licensed the track to Pontiac with fascinating not-so-great significant changes to the lines.

The Beatles- Nike- 1988

After their song was contracted to Michael Jackson, the Beatles had no authority over licensing one of their tunes for an advertisement. ”Revolution” was licensed to Nike for a lame late ‘80s commercial that resulted in a lawsuit.

Iggy Pop- Carnival Cruise Line- 2005

Wanting the Iggy Pop classic hit “Lust for Life” is said to be the worst decision for an ad. It’s been dubbed everything from conflicting to a differing between the exact product being endorsed and the song being used.

The Black Keys- Nissan- 2006

An often Grammy-nominated group who simply did it just for the money. They allowed their song “Set You Free” to Nissan for an Exterra advertisement clearly because they were struggling to come up with income over the previous years.

Led Zeppelin-Cadillac- 2010

Originally, the carmakers wanted to adopt the Doors’ hit “Break On Through” for their ad. But they went to Led Zeppelin with the tune Rock ‘n’ Roll,” but the commercial didn’t actually rock and roll.

LMFAO- KIA- 2015

Who comprehends more further about rockin’ parties than these fellows? The “Party Rock Anthem” in a KIA commercial really looks ridiculous with the animated hamsters rolling.

Europe- Geico- 2016

Their 1986 classic hit “The Final Countdown” is timeless and has been used in sports competitions for many years. But, instantly the band took their song to a new home on TV’s hilarious Geico commercial.

Jon Bon Jovi- DirecTV- 2016

Jon’s net worth is approximately $300,000,000.00, but he can’t be stopped from doing ridiculous commercials, because the dude’s always selling out.