10 Metallica Song Facts

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Metallica’s great records resonate from afar, many of their great songs stay young and fresh on record.



The second-best ballad of the band. It is an essential piece that gives the album that touch of feeling later mixed with a powerful crescendo accompanied by the mythical “Sanitarium, leave me be!”.

If you want to put yourself in the shoes of a mental patient locked up in a psychiatric center (a madhouse, a lifetime), this is your song.




The adrenaline rush as soon as you hear the first bell. An electrifying track from start to finish, featuring what is, in my opinion, the best bass intro we have ever heard (so distorted it looks like a guitar), performed by masterful Cliff Burton.

Inspired by the homonymous novel by the renowned writer Ernest Hemingway, it describes a battle that, according to it, occurs during the Spanish Civil War.



Well, if “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” is the sentimental touch of the album, “Battery” is the great bomb, the great beast. Expect some similarity to “Fight Fire With Fire” in terms of structure (melodic intro, distorted guitars and explosion of thrash), but I still prefer this diamond.

We return to the lyrics of violence and destruction. It’s a track that features an evolution from calm melody to fvcking madness, and the final cry of “BATTERY!” accompanied by a fast and forceful battery that blows your head. Yes, gentlemen, this is Thrash!



A great classic, without a doubt, that gives the title to what is, for me, the best Metallica album and one of the best in the history of Metal.

It tells the story of a man executed in the electric chair, describing everything he feels. We observe in this composition that the band matures both musically and lyrically.



Who would say that this narration of how the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse come to take over the world, was going to be fulfilled in the Metal world after the release of the album to which this bombshell belongs?

A delight for the thrashing ears: aggressiveness, power, and some awesome riffs.



We are entering the dangerous terrain of the “mainstream”. Despite not being a Thrash song like the ones I’m used to listening to, I have to admit that I quite like it, since it was the one that introduced me to this wonderful world of Heavy Metal.

The theme of night terrors gives the song a more sinister and dark touch, which is accompanied by one of the band’s best-known riffs (wah-wah). It is ideal for those days when you want to listen to something more forceful and with less speed.



The most popular song from their debut album Kill ‘Em All, and one of the most performed live. Just see how this early Thrash Metal bombshell triggers your killer instincts as soon as you hear the intro riff. Welcome to the madness!



Considered by many the best song of the band. We do not agree with that. We have to say that it is a true masterpiece that combines spectacular riffs, changes of rhythm, and the epic cry of “MASTER! MASTER!”.



Without a doubt, the best ballad of Metallica. We were completely in love from start to finish, and listening to this lyrics about suicide, can’t help but get our skin crawling with this melodic-thrasher genius.


10. ONE

The last great composition for over two decades. “One” represents a turning point in the band’s career. On the one hand, it allowed them to rise to the top, but yes, making their first music video clip, which they said they would never do because that is sold out. Really ?!

As for the song, it is an authentic wonder that captivates you as soon as you hear the first notes. It slowly grows into a deadly beast of suffering, melancholy, and frustration over the recent passing of their partner and brother Cliff Burton. Hetfield’s heartrending screams describe a man who, because of the war, has lost his limbs and much of his senses; they give anyone goosebumps. All accompanied by sinister guitars and a great performance on the drums by Ulrich. The darkness undoubtedly impressed them.