10 Most Influential Guitarist Of All Time

Quick Note: Most Influential And Not The Best Guitarists

Influential doesn’t always mean the best – it only means how these guitarists have influenced a lot of players who came after. There isn’t just 1 most influential when it comes to guitar playing because there are many key players from each decade and each style – from the bluesmen to heavy metal. There are so many, and it’s very difficult just to choose one.

But let’s give it a try.


10. Michael Schenker

May not have been the most commercially successful guitarist but he surely has influenced thousands of guitar players – the tone, flat picking, feel, and individual sound. He’s also the reason why Dave Mustaine, Kirk Hammett, Randy Rhoads, and many more play the Flying V.


9. Slash

If not for Slash, Guns N’ Rose would have become nothing. He’s not just one of the more proficient icons in guitar playing but one of the most influential. He has looks, even the name is awesome, the style, and, skills. So, what’s not to like about this guy?


8. Tony Iommi

He invents the heaviest metal sound, innovated guitar playing, and simply the heaviest guitar player than all who came before combined. Let’s just put it this way – “without Tony Iommi, there would be no Heavy Metal.”


7. Eric Clapton

Well, if you didn’t consider Slowhand as influential, then you don’t like good music. He’s simply one of the greats who inspired many to play and continue the legacy of the blues.


6. David Gilmour

He has the incredible ability to play the guitar and has influenced more guitarist with his tone and quality of sound. The things he gets out of his guitar is so sweet that you can even write a book about it.


5. Eddie Van Halen

The man who changed everything ever since he came: songs, techniques, even the guitars themselves! He simply changed the way everyone plays the guitar.


4. Ritchie Blackmore

Technically and musically speaking, he’s very superior to any of his contemporaries. He was already doing neo-classical before while everyone was too busy pentatonic blues scales. Because of his unique touch made his style instantly recognizable


3. Jimmy Page

He innovates hard rock as we know it today. Jimmy Page is known as the riff king, and that itself is the reason why he is one of the biggest rock influences.


2. Jimi Hendrix

The legend was on a whole other level during his time, he was definitely ahead of his time. He was the reason why most who came after also wanted to be the greatest. Jimi was a prodigy. He never played the guitar. He was the guitar.


1. Chuck Berry


Everyone on this list wouldn’t be here if not for this guy. I’m sure every guitar players even the famous played Johnny B. Goode when they first started playing.