10 Things Only Die Hard Fans Know About James Hetfield

James Hetfield of the american heavy metal band Metallica performing live at Pala Alpitour in Turin, Italy, on 10 February, 2018. (Photo by Roberto Finizio/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

James Hetfield, the lead singer of Metallica, was born on August 3, 1963. Thanks to his charisma and talent, he has managed to maintain a line with the band and they continue to talk about it and above all, sooooo good concerts.

Skull Ring

The skull ring that he always wears and is noticeable in his concerts, is a very precious object, since it belonged to Cliff Burton, the historical bassist of the band who died in a tragic accident.

Before Being A Thrash Metal Legend

Before turning to music, he worked as a clerk in a sticker factory and as a school janitor.


Have you noticed that he has quite a few tattoos? Well, on his left arm he has a tattoo of four burning playing cards. That tattoo was done to cover the scar from a second-degree burn that he suffered in the middle of a concert in 1992.

The Second-Degree Burn

Five days after James’ birthday in 1992, a pyrotechnic charge exploded next to him during a concert in Montreal. While his guitar protected him from the worst of the blast, he still suffered second and third-degree burns from the fire that engulfed his left side. He returned to the stage 17 days later.

The God That Failed

The song “The God That Failed” was written to his mother, who died of cancer when he was still very young. Undoubtedly something that hurt him a lot because he was only 16 years old.

Metallica Formation

Metallica was formed because Lars Ulrich, the band’s drummer, posted an ad in 1981 because he was looking for someone to play and listen to music with. James Hetfield responded with a call, the rest of the story you already know …

Away From Vices

Despite his tough rocker and heavy metal looks, James Hetfield stopped drinking alcohol years ago. Now he only drinks mineral water and non-alcoholic beer.

Sports Hobby

His favorite American football (NFL) team is the Oakland Raiders, and his favorite Soccer club is DC United, he is also a lover of NASCAR racing.


James’s wife is an Argentine national, and her name is Francesca Tomasi. They married in 1997 and together they formed a family with three children. They met when she was a wardrobe assistant for the band.

Dave The Barbarian

James voiced a dragon in the Disney cartoon “Dave the barbarian.” He also appeared on The Simpsons and American Dad, where he appeared as himself on the Billions show.