10 Untrue Things In The Mötley Crüe Movie

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They represented one of the last “yes you can” of the American dream. They made reality the possibility that four guys from the sewers of American white trash could become millionaires and famous by playing fast-paced hard rock, drinking heavily, taking massive amounts of drugs, and f**** everything alive. The number of stories that populate the Mötley Crüe mythology is vast and varied. 

Before Vince

The Dirt didn’t even bother to take their time to mention the name of the band’s first singer before Vince. Before the group found Vince they were first joined by a guy named O’Dean but didn’t match the quality they were looking for.

Tommy Lee Meeting Nikki Sixx

The movie got it all wrong the first encounter of Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx. Lee never introduces himself to Nikki and instantly hitting it off.

Recruiting Vince

In the movie, the group first meets Vince Neil at a lawn party where he sings Billy Squier’s “My Kind of Lover” as a crowd of women languish over him. In fact, that tune hadn’t even been released yet that time.

Tom Zutaut did not sign them as a band

Mötley Crüe had established their own record label named Leathür Records before signing with Tom Zutaut. They also did not get contracted by Tom in the first several seconds of meeting him. 

Nikki Sixx Partying

The movie misses portraiting who Nikki was partying with following his heroin overdose. He was partying with Steven Adler and Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Robbin Crosby from Ratt. Slash’s girlfriend is the one accountable for saving Nikki’s life as she gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

The Car Accident

The film portrays Vince Neil to be rather consistent and alert before going into the car for a beer run. This is a real-life disaster that occurred and took the life of 24-year-old passenger Razzle, drummer of the group Hanoi Rocks. In fact, Neil was much more intoxicated than the movie presented.

Tommy Lee didn’t meet Heather Locklear during the night of the accident

The biopic film presents Tommy encounter Heather Locklear the evening that Neil got into that horrific misfortune. In the real-life, he met Locklear backstage at an REO Speedwagon gig with the help of his accountant.

Vince Neil never retired from music when he left the band

After Neil departed with the band, the movie only portrayed him spending an amount of time at a bar shunning his life and depressed. In fact, he spends a lot of time mourning the loss of his daughter in and was dealing with emotional anguish, Neil had signed a solo contract with Warner Bros. instantly after leaving the band.

Firing manager Doc McGhee after meeting Sixx mom

The real Doc McGhee asserts that he never met Nikki Sixx’s mom. Tommy Lee and Crüe manager Doc McGhee got into a heated discussion over the case that Bon Jovi had acquired to use stage fireworks and Mötley Crüe hadn’t. They were also priced under all the other performances at that particular festival. Lee says that he drove McGhee in his “fat little chest,” beating him to the ground. McGhee was ousted by the group following the fight.

Nikki Sixx Death On TV News

This bit becomes listed as an Untruth, but solely due to interpretation. On Dec. 23, 1987, Sixx was declared dead due to a heroin overdose. In the movie, Neil discovers the news via news on the TV, however, in real life, the frontman discovered Sixx’s passing on the radio.