10 Wildest Tour Stories In Classic Rock

Tomáš Janda / YouTube

Rock stars are known to lead a wild and full-fledged life: sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll is the slogan that gives title to the lives of dozens of music legends such as Slash, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, and many others.

In addition to their musical abilities and their historical compositions, many of these musicians are also known for their particular way of seeing and leading life.

Keith Moon Got Banned From Every Holiday Inn

Keith Moon is one of the great legends of rock because, in addition to being very talented, he was also a wild soul, even by the standards of his time. The deceased member of The Who had a brief but intense existence, and proof of this is that he was banned from all the Holiday Inns in the world due to one of his wildest adventures.

What is said is that during the celebration of his 21st birthday, the drummer drove a Lincoln Continental model car into the pool of a hotel belonging to that chain while intoxicated. The anecdote in question has circulated for several decades as a kind of rumor, but according to Far Out Magazine, Roger Daltrey (lead singer and leader of The Who) confirmed that it was a true story


Tony Iommi Almost Killed Bill Ward By Fire

The past of the group continues to be tasty wherever it is seen, especially since there was always an extreme situation that decorated the history of those who, in a personal opinion, were the true founders of heavy metal.

Within those glorious pages of mud, the day guitarist Tony Iommi set fire to former Sabbath drummer Bill Ward… just for fun. Yes, as it reads, just for fun.

The Who War With The Police

During their gig at the Fillmore East in New York, Pete Townshend discovered himself on the opposite side of the law, and the show concluded in an absolute mess.

While performing ‘Summertime Blues’, a plain-clothed policeman tried to leap onto the stage. He then started grappling the mic from singer Roger Daltrey, who himself is advantageous in a fight and made certain the police swiftly found out. Townshend, recognizing the uproar, swiped at him with a kick.

But the truth was, the officer was there not to start a fight but to warn the band that a grocery store next door was on fire, instead he got an ultimate kick to the groin from Townshend.

KISS’ Ace Frehley Drinks Perfume

When Ace Frehley was desperate and looking for a drink, Paul Stanley persuaded him to down a bottle of Aramis after describing to Ace that the perfume was mostly booze.

Keith Richards Nearly Burned Down the Playboy Mansion

When the Rolling Stones were invited to the home of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in the 1970s, it almost ended in tragedy. The band’s guitarist Keith Richards and Bobby Keys -who played the saxophone for the group- couldn’t help but bring out their thuggish side by stealing Hugh Hefner doctor’s medicine cabinet to test all the drugs he kept in it, something that ended up stoking a fire that occurred in the home.

Joe Strummer Aggression Towards A Fan

For one of the biggest punk bands, a show as controversial as the one in which Joe Strummer hit a fan with his guitar could not be missing. When The Clash released their big album London Calling in 1979, they became one of the biggest bands in the UK at the time. However, the following year was a bit exhausting for the group. This since its leader, Joe Strummer, was arrested by the police for losing his patience and hitting a fan with his guitar in the middle of a show.

John Bonham Butchers the Chateau Marmont

All fans of Led Zeppelin know that John Bonham has always had an incredibly eccentric and out-of-line personality and that led him to become not only one of the most talented drummers in the history of music but also and above all one of the most famous and appreciated. The Led Zeppelin drummer has often distinguished himself for some of his crazy acts, and for madnesses that have been told in the news and in various publications. One of those crazy stories was the time that the Led Zeppelin drummer decided to ride his Harley Davidson in the corridors of the Chateau Marmont hotel, destroying the lobby’s carpet.

Ozzy Osbourne Snorting A Line of Ants

Ozzy joined Mötley for the “Bark at the Moon” tour that started in 1984 and almost from the beginning it turned into a big party, Osbourne went to live with them from the first night, and that’s where a chain of legendary anecdotes began to be generated. The most famous moment is the one that is clear and strong, according to bassist Nikki Sixx, the artist supplied his addiction to cocaine in a very particular way: I handed [Ozzy] the straw, and he walked over to a crack in the sidewalk and bent over it,” Motley Crue’s Sixx recalled. “I saw a long column of ants, marching to a little dugout built where the pavement met the dirt. And as I thought, ‘No, he wouldn’t,’ he did. He put the straw to his nose and, with his bare white ass peeking out from under the dress like a sliced honeydew, sent the entire line of ants tickling up his nose with a single, monstrous snort.”

Oasis Fought German Police

What started out as a quiet drinking day in Munich resulted in the loss of the front teeth of the Oasis frontman. On Saturday, November 30, 2002, Liam Gallagher and two of his bandmates Oasis went to a bar in Munich as a break from their tour of Germany. What began as a quiet afternoon of conversation accompanied by alcohol, suddenly turned into a pitched battle that ended with Liam Gallagher missing his incisors. Thus, according to The Guardian, Liam remembers that confusing altercation that occurred more than 15 years ago in the German country. The Definitely Maybe group had suspended two dates of their tour, one in Munich and the second in Hamburg, but after that incident the result was the cancellation of the tour, leaving pending their passage through Dusseldorf and Bremen.

Jim Morrison Was The Pioneer Of Wild Touring

On December 9, 1967, Jim Morrison became the first rock musician to be arrested on stage, before the show that The Doors would give in New Haven, Connecticut, a couple was having a moment of intimacy behind the scenes.

A police officer approached and informed them that they could not be there. Jim Morrison responded in a bad way, perhaps with some obscenity and they tensed in an argument. The police officer reacted by throwing pepper spray in his eyes.