100-Year Old Grandma Gets Emotional Surprise From Unlikely Friend

via ITV NEWS / Youtube

The passing of the years causes alterations in our health, which do not always affect us in a positive way. Therefore, it is essential to know and give our elderly the importance they deserve.

An incredible Grandma reached a milestone when she turned 100, and she was surprised by an unlikely friend who brought her a birthday cake.

The bin collectors, Ben and his group filmed themselves in an unknown UK town whilst singing happy birthday to their favorite customer; the super Grandma.

The amazing lady is called Mercy, she was stunned and was emotional for the act of kindness of Ben and his group as they reached her doorstep she started crying, a what you call tears of joy.

The binmen asked her to blow the candles, and jokingly said “to live until 105,” the lady smiled and brushed them off.

This heartwarming video captured lots of hearts, and that act of kindness was definitely a gift to the beautiful lady on her birthday. Watch the video below.