11-Year-Old Showcases Jaw-Dropping Vocal Range In Chilling Cover Of “Sound of Silence”

Jadyn Rylee / YouTube

This gave me chills!

One of the more haunting songs in the history of rock n’ roll music is Simon & Garfunkel’s 1965 landmark song “The Sound of Silence”. The song has left a lasting impact on music, with its soft and eerie lyrics, and has become a go-to for bands to cover. A few years ago, Disturbed covered the tune and actually topped the charts with it!

A notable aspect of the song, which never ceases to amaze people, is the vocals. Like I said, this song is commonly covered, but not every cover goes over perfectly. One cover, however, that does rise up to the expectations, is this one by 11-year old YouTube sensation Jadyn Rylee. Jadyn’s cover is hauntingly beautiful, and her voice is years beyond her age! We guarantee you will get chills from this cover, because we sure did!

Her cover also features YouTube drumming sensation Sina, who provides incredible effects on the song with the drums!

Check out the amazing cover down below and let us know what you think!