3 Of The Most Underrated Tracks In ‘All Things Must Pass’ By George Harrison

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After the disbandment of the Beatles, George Harrison records what could properly be called his first solo album and he does it in a big way, no less than three LP’s originally composed this work (double disc in CD format), and curiously the theme that gives it title was composed but discarded for a Beatles album, as reflected in the Anthology. It is a spiritual record, perhaps the best spiritual record to be found in rock music.


If in case anyone until now did not know that this album is produced by Phil Spector, in ‘Wah-Wah’ any doubt is cleared, with the characteristic wall of sound created by the duplicity of instruments (but musicians playing at the same time, nothing of duplicate in the mixing box). The only interesting thing about this song is its initial guitar riff, the rest is not bad but it is nothing that will make you open your eyes at the time.


Beware Of Darkness

In this song, a wonderful interpretation of ‘Beware Of Darkness’, only weighed down by the central verse sung by Leon Russell, who has a voice too harsh for the calmer cadence that a song requires.

The Light That Has Lighted The World

But what is most abundant on this album are the contemplative ballads, sometimes too contemplative, which take up more than half of it. ‘The Light That Has Lighted The World’ has at least a good instrumental part led by the piano in the style of ‘Let It Roll’, but without the greatness of it.