3 Outstanding Performances From Led Zeppelin’s Era In The 70s’

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In the pantheon of the eternal gods of heavy metal, the band Led Zeppelin leads without much effort. Although its members took different paths, their influence continues to be felt. For critics, Zeppelin’s studio albums, especially recent reissues, gained notoriety.

Sure, the work of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, the late John Bonham, and John Paul Jones was amazing, and so much more live. Rock lovers at the time could be part of outstanding concerts, and here we show their best three shows. What’s your favorite?

Royal Albert Hall, London, (January 1970)

In the 1970s, only the best musicians played the Royal Albert. Bands like The Rolling Stones or The Who left their mark and Led Zeppelin did the same. Little happened for Plant to become the idol of a generation. During the show they performed songs like I Can’t Quit You Baby; Dazed and Confused y Black Mountain Side, Heartbreaker; Thank You; What is and What Should Never Be, and Moby Dick.

Madison Square Garden in New York (July 1973)

The band’s prowess on stage was legendary. July 29 was the last show held in New York and the closing of their tour. Some fans cried while watching their idols up close.

Festival Knebworth in Hertfordshire (August 1979)

After a musical absence, Zeppelin re-emerged at Knebworth. Punk music had taken hold in the UK, and somehow Knebworth stood out as a personal triumph for the group.