5 AC/DC Songs You Can’t Help But Headbang

via @AC/DC | Youtube

AC/DC is by far an important and super classic band. Everything has been said about them but it is unreal to continue considering that they are exercising all their functions in the present.

Few bands in the history of music have survived the death of their singer as successfully as ACDC, few have had a story as cool and fun as the Australian band, a group of savages who found their way to conquer the world. music based on guitar riffs, electric choruses, and a way of understanding rock that has created a school and left a legacy. We look at the 5 AC/DC Songs You Can’t Help But Headbang:


5. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

This song is a hymn to Rock, which has always been played at the end of each concert, has made people feel that energy discharge and that love for this band until the end of their lives — we all feel this!


4. Thunderstruck

Upon the release of this song, we have always listened to it for decades! Thunderstruck, will make you realize that it was always with us – one of the songs we can never forget!


3. Whole Lotta Rosie

Malcolm and Angus Young and all the rest of the band are great, that simplicity but damn can make you headbang for the rest of your life, will always be their trademark.


2. Highway to Hell

To think that this song came out of being exhausted on the road for an endless tour, and you know what, there is nothing better than preparing a long trip to, having everything ready, and now to drive put this track on the road – the magic is there!


1. Back in Black

What a pleasure that when you listen to this song with people who enjoy the art of music can fill you with joy, strength, and optimism. We’ve been listening to this music for years and we still enjoy it like the first day! Even when it is used as a movie soundtrack, you can’t resist headbanging even if you’re in a movie theatre!