5 Aerosmith Songs Perfect For Beer Night

via @Aerosmith | Youtube

Aerosmith transcended generations. Throughout its history, the band sold more than 150 million records worldwide. They also have a particular record of being the North American group with the highest number of Gold and Platinum records.

Take a look at the 5 Aerosmith Songs Perfect For Beer Night:


Dream On

It was the first cut of that beloved debut album that bore the band’s name, recorded intensively at the Intermedia Studio in Boston, Massachusetts. The song was written by the singer in 1965 and first sounded live in 1969, when Tyler had his group Chain Reaction.


I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

A song composed by Diane Warren and that the band recorded for the movie Armageddon. It had a very good reception by critics and fans, reaching the top of the rankings. Its importance led it to be nominated for an Oscar, for the best original song in 1998.



A rock ballad that gave them an outstanding success. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Desmond Child wrote the song and was part of the album “Get a Grip” (1993). 



Another ballad and another success. Also from the beloved album “Get a grip”. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Taylor Rhodes brought this beautiful song to life. Alicia Silverstone stars again in the video with the participation of Stephen Dorff.


Walk This Way

Tyler and Perry gave life to this classic in 1975 and it was part of the album “Toys in the Attic”. But the theme returned to prominence when it was re-recorded by Run DMC together with the members of Aerosmith, on the album “Raising Hell”. The single became an international hit and was awarded the “Soul Train Music Award” for best rap single from 1987.