5 Classic Rock Bands That Had The Biggest Live Audience

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Thanks to the thousands of musical tools accessible today, you can listen to your desired music anytime, anyplace you desire. But going to a live event is, of course, a whole new adventure. And while far most concert fans are involved – their slogan is ‘the bigger the better.’


The Paul McCartney World Tour

Date: 20-21 April 1990

Total Attendance: 184,000

In 1990, during Paul McCartney’s first major stint in more than a decade, the Beatle legend Paul McCarthy played in front of a record-breaking masses of about 184,000 in Maracana Stadium. As it stands, it is the second-highest appearance at the stadium for a music show. 


The Beach Boys Independence Day Concert

Date: 4th July 1985

Total Attendance: 1 million

Arguably one of the most influential rock acts of the ’60s and ’70s, the legendary Beach Boys played in front of a huge independence day masses in 1985. The venue was the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Following that day, the group picked another gig in Washington D.C in front of 750,000 viewers.


The Rolling Stone Concert


Date: 18th Feb 2006

Total Attendance: 1.5 million

The Rolling Stone played at Rio de Janeiro’s legendary Copacabana beach in 2006 at a free concert. As anticipated, approximately one and a half million music fanatics gathered to embrace this exceptional opportunity. 


AC/DC & Metallica Concert

Date: 28th September 1991

Total Attendance: 1.6 million

In 1991, a few periods before the demise of the USSR, more than a million Russians gathered unitedly in Tushino Airfield (Moscow) to see the first-ever open-air performance by western rock acts in the nation. It was part of the yearly Monsters of Rock music festival.


Rod Stewart New Year’s Eve Concert


Date: 31st December 1994

Total Attendance3.5 million-4.2 million

The show made it to the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest free rock performance with more than 4 million crowds. Yet, a large number of viewers had turned up entirely for the midnight fireworks display.