5 Classic Rock Love Songs That Dominated 1980

via @Iordan Borissov | YouTube

Romantic songs in all genres were booming out of the speakers in protest at the little attention paid to the human side in this turbulent 1980s.

Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Since 1980, the Queen of bands has arrived. The Queen with that little madness called love; Crazy Little Thing Called Love. A very romantic but danceable lyrics. 

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

In an abandoned church on Oldham Road (Manchester) Martin Hannett brought the Joy Division to record this iconic single. A synth line runs across the entire track. Pure punk energy with a pop foundation. Ian Curtis narrates scenes of heartbreak, with his wife Deborah in her thoughts. That day Ian brought a Burroughs pamphlet to the studio. A strange world. A world was full of sad and threatening stories that traveled on the border of the not established.

You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

One of the most famous and popular bands in Australia today, AC / DC, captivated thousands of people with great songs in the 80s, such is the case with their powerful song You Shook Me All Night, which was composed and played by the well-known and unique singer Brian Johnson (lead singer of the band).

Bruce Springsteen – Hungry Heart

American singer Bruce Springsteen performed one of the best songs of his discography at the beginning of the decade. Hungry Heart is a full-blown cucumber. This was not the beginning of his fame, but it is in the 80s when he finally launched himself to international stardom.

Pete Townshend – Let My Love Open The Door

Pete Townshend is one of the most famous British singers in history thanks to The Who, but also for his solo career. As you can see, in the 80s many groups began to separate or took a break to undertake other personal projects. Let My Love Open The Door is one more sample of what happened then.