5 Drug-Fueled Ozzy Osbourne Career Stories

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If you ask someone who Ozzy Osbourne is, they will know him instantly. It doesn’t matter if they only listen to classical music, jazz, hip hop, and another musical style.

Ozzy may be one of the few representatives of heavy metal that has managed to sneak into mainstream popular culture. Aside from his wild career as a rock singer, he has done many other things including television and film. And of course, crazy drug-fueled stories.

Tempting Death

Ozzy has almost died on more than one occasion, but not many people know that already in his time with Black Sabbath he had more than one mishap that could have ended tragically.

At the end of October 1973, Ozzy was recording with Black Sabbath ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ in the studios set up in Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire, in the heart of the English countryside. One afternoon, at the end of the recording session, the Sabs and another group that were also recording there, Necromandus, went for a drink in a pub in the nearby town. Ozzy stayed until the pub was closed with the members of the Necromandus and when they returned to the castle, late at night, raining heavily and with a spectacular head on top, Ozzy built a fire to warm up and remove the humidity in the fireplace that was in the castle room. Drunk and drugged as he was, he fell asleep on the carpet and did not notice that the fire began to throw sparks that fell on the carpet.

Pastor and Hash Cake

Another surely little-known fact from our man’s biography is the fact that he had another wife before joining Sharon Arden. In the early 1970s, he was married to Thelma Riley, a young woman from Birmingham who was certainly very different from Ozzy, not least because she had religious beliefs, incredibly, and was close friends with the pastor of the local church at the time. On a certain occasion, Thelma invited the parish priest to the couple’s house for tea one afternoon and offered him a generous piece of cake that Ozzy himself had cooked. Unknowingly the cake was made with an abundant and powerful amount of hashish. The priest had to be admitted to a hospital in a very serious condition and it is said that it was a miracle that he had lived.

Bite That Head Off

It is surely the most gruesome story and that contributed the most to create the legend of Ozzy Osbourne as the prince of darkness. During the tour that Ozzy and his band made in 1982 through the United States presenting their album ‘Diary Of A Madman’ during the concert held on January 22 at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa, someone threw from the audience on stage a dead bat that Ozzy caught thinking it was a plastic toy, so he took it to his mouth and bit the head off, digging the animal’s teeth into his tongue.

The Man Had To Fee

Ozzy’s follies had no limits. One day, one of the great frontmen of all time urinated on a large and dilapidated wall; Ozzy was unaware that he was regulating his hydration on a monument in the United States called “The Alamo.” Thanks to this they took him prisoner and prohibited him from entering the city of San Antonio for 10 years.

Again, The Man To Fee, But This Time In Gratitude

More than three decades ago, a horde of satanic fans visited the band at their hotel. People wore black capes and were on the ground worshiping the band with candles as they recited chants. Ozzy Osbourne, in gratitude, urinated on them while singing Happy Birthday! The followers of the band began to jump to the waste of the legendary frontman.