5 Drummers That Can Match Neil Peart’s Skills

Can They Beat The Greatest OR Be The Greatest Themselves?

There have been rumors (but it was just rumors though) suggesting that RUSH members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are getting back together to form a new band, fans were shocked and speculated as well on whom the two thinks could fit to replace Neil Peart as the new drummer and match his drumming skills.

Of course, this rumor is fun, and we can join the speculations as well, who could it be? Who could match the great Neil Peart in his game?

Below we’ve picked the best match to do what Neil Peart does:

  1. Danny Carey (Tool)

Danny Carey one of the most recognized drummers in this century, and one of the most beloved as well. He can join the all-time greats because of his skills and way of drumming. His works as the drummer of prog-metal band Tool were undeniably monstrous, as he provided the sweetest beats in rock drumming history.

  1. Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)

Founder of Black Sabbath, Bill Ward can provide the same beat as Neil Peart can but in a darker way. He, in fact, is a virtuoso in terms of drumming and definitely one of the most influential metal and rock drummers in history.

  1. Carl Palmer (ELP, Asia)

Lee, Lifeson, and Carl Palmer have a history together. He had been in two bands that have been contemporaries of Rush and his a well-known drummer as well.

In term of drumming skills

  1. Stewart Copeland (The Police)


One of the most successful drummers out there, and the great ones in his generation – and just like he plays uniquely.  He’s right on this spot as the second choice.

  1. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Flying Colors, Winery Dogs, etc.)

Well, Portnoy surely is the best pick, because first of all, he’s drumming was influenced by Neil Peart himself and this is shown in his playing with Dream Theater which he co-founded in 1986.

Dream Theater, just like RUSH, has the same sound, and technicality.