5 Greatest Steve Perry Songs After Journey

Steve Perry / YouTube

For most of his life in the industry, Perry maintained a low profile in his music career. He has only done a few projects here and there, in collaboration with a fellow musician or a music band. But at some point, he completely pulled out of any song. Below are the 5 Greatest Steve Perry Songs After Journey:

# 5 – Captured By The Moment

The hallmarks of the album “Street Talk” is Captured by the Moment. The great moments of the masterful vocal performance ubiquitous keyboards and guitar. With a full vocal work, closing a mythologized delivery by some and indifferent to others.

# 4 – No Erasin’

He has surrounded himself with tremendously competent studio musicians, who are very good at giving songs like No erasin ‘a touch of elegance typical of one of his two solo albums.

# 3 – I Believe

For his part, Steve Perry maintains his solo career with great success, he put aside his more rock facet by betting on calmer sounds with clear elements of soul. I Believe is a worthy work that completes an immaculate trajectory.


# 2 – Foolish Heart

Given the success of Street Talk, Perry was undecided whether to return with Journey or continue his solo career. He decided to postpone his solo career but left his fans an incredible single, Foolish Heart.

# 1 – Oh Sherrie

This was recorded and issued on Perry Street Talk’s debut solo album in 1984, which he issued while still a part of Journey. The tune is often perceived as an “honorary” number by Journey, being credited to the group on several prosperous collection records.