5 Influential Albums From 1977

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We give you a new personal 5 influential albums, in this case from 1977. The best? Could be, although all this is always a subjective opinion, variable over time. We look back at the 5 Influential Albums From 1977:


The Clash – The Clash

True to their ideals, in the beginning, the members of the band shared twenty-five pounds ($34.05 today) a week from their contract with CBS and used the rest for social and charitable purposes. These convictions are also reflected in the overwhelming energy of this album, raw testimony of a time of political upheaval (the ’70s) sung loudly, with attitude, idealism, and clear traces of the frustration they provoked in millions of young people. the inequalities of capitalism.


Low – David Bowie

“Low” is David Bowie’s eleventh album and the first of the so-called Berlin trilogy. Released on January 14, 1977, it was also the first of three collaborations between Bowie and musician/songwriter Brian Eno. The album marked a change in the musician’s style, giving greater importance to electronics and avant-garde sounds.


Bat Out Of Hell – Meat Loaf

In the world of rock, we find albums that have gone down in music history and have had a great impact on society. Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf’s first album was released in 1977 and is already one of the jewels of rock. Not only is it one of the best-selling albums of all time, but it’s also had two sequels: in 1993 and 2006. With a playlist perfect to cheer up any downhearted soul, we zoom in on music’s most powerful love songs. music.


The Stranger – Billy Joel

His stardom came with his fifth album, The Stranger. Released in September 1977, it was an unprecedented success and continues to be the best-selling album of his entire discography to date. Given the success of the collaboration between Joel and producer Phil Ramone, it would continue for a decade.


Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

Quality rock album? Of course. This is how we value “Rumuors”, one of the most important albums that rock music has ever seen. Rumors have been a story that has nothing to do with the music that this British band made years ago. Since their beginnings in 1967 and led by the virtuoso guitarist Peter Green, the Fleetwood Mac have opted for blues-rock. They are considered a chameleon formation, due to the constant changes that they undergo in their ranks. Heavily affected by conflicts with Peter Green, who left the group in 1970, the Macs drastically vary their musical style. With Rumors they explore the designs of pop-rock, they get into its carefree and catchy melodies, but without neglecting factors such as the lyrics or the quality of the albums.