5 King Crimson Songs Only Dedicated Fans Enjoy

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Is King Crimson One Of Your Favorite Prog-Rock Bands?

List of the best King Crimson songs that only dedicated fans enjoyed. King Crimson are truly one of the greatest progressive rock bands of all time — and their career is something you cannot overlook. 

5. Lizard

Lizard is one of the most impressive prog tracks ever recorded. The jazz is pure awesomeness and the lyrics surely take you to another place. And the only problem is, it’s hard to find any single upload of the original, full song on the internet unless you buy a cd. 


4. I Talk to the Wind

One of their underrated song, but indeed one of their best quiet song. It’s gonna blow your mind as it was considered one of their best-composed song ever. 



3. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part II

A thrilling listen from King Crimson’s catalog — they experimented with this song and even improvised percussions awesome moments during live performances. It’s one of their most unique songs, and way better than the part I.


2. In the Wake of Poseidon

In the Wake of Poseidon proves that King Crimson are one of the best prog-rock band after Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd. The sound of the music of this song can only be perceived all over your body, GOOSEBUMPS!


1. Red

Red is the most important stepping stone for progressive rock music — it draws us to the modern-day of music — meaning it’s ahead of its time! A raw composition by King Crimson that has grit and power! It’s definitely an essential King Crimson song.