5 Of The Easiest AC/DC Riffs To Learn On Guitar

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Different generations could see Malcolm and Angus Young on stage make music history, their riffs, their sense of tempo, and the way they distribute the weight of the chords and their freshness in the strum completely define the style of AC / DC. Below are the 5 Of The Easiest AC/DC Riffs To Learn On Guitar:



The solo part of this song is one of the best known of the band and one of the most imitated by aspiring guitarists. However, it wouldn’t hold up without Malcolm’s solid riffs and rhythm work, firing his powerful chords, and playing a frenetic pick pattern that keeps the base of the intro moving.


Back In Black

This is a heavy riff that walks with confidence, easy to learn on the guitar if you are focused, in which Malcolm simply underlines those points where the riff should be solid. Very interesting is also the variation of the main riff that takes place during the solo, in which the most striking elements of it have been lowered so as not to overshadow the lead guitar, but which at the same time perfectly sums up its concept.


You Shook Me All Night Long

Malcolm’s sound, generally somewhat less saturated than Angus’s, plays a key role in songs like this, in that the clarity of the different notes of the chord and the arpeggios that add detail to the chorus makes it much more personal and recognizable.


For Those About To Rock

Possibly, one of the great things about Malcolm and Angus Young’s riffs was that they didn’t complicate things unnecessarily. Themes like this allow some parts of AC / DC songs to be enjoyed by guitarists of all skill levels, making Rock music easier to share with others. The introduction to this theme, without going any further, is perfect for teaching young guitarists to take their first steps.


Riff Raff

An excellent example of what a true Rock N ‘Roll riff should sound like, headlining a track where no part is wasted. Aside from the more visible sections that support the verse and chorus, the accompaniment section of Angus solos is also noteworthy, with each riff progressing from the previous one with minor variations. In this way, Angus’ extensive solo section prolongs his life and freshness.