5 Reasons Why Duane Allman Is A Guitar Legend

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Duane Allman was a blues guitarist born in Nashville in 1946, he was one of the founders of the Allman Brothers Band, his style and technique led him to be considered the new star of the genre, greats like Eric Clapton and B.B. king recognized his talent.

Ranked One of the Best Guitarist in History

In 2003, the guitarist Rolling Stone ranked him as the second-best guitarist in history, surpassed only by Hendrix, in the 2013 count, he ranked 9th.

Recorded with Aretha Franklin, Herbie Man, and Eric Clapton

Nashville is a city with a very strong music scene and Duane Allman began to make a career as a session musician, his talent was such that at the age of 20 he had already recorded with Aretha Franklin and Herbie Man among others, this path led him to record with Eric Clapton already solo on Layla’s Slide.

As a Session Musician, He Had Hundred of Recordings

His career as a session musician led him to make hundreds of recordings, it is said that there are so many participations that it is difficult to document them all, many of these works took him to different cities which always improved his style of interpretation, working with different musicians, recording Almost every day, going to presentations whenever possible is something that can certainly enhance anyone’s style.

The Allman Brothers Band

In 1969 he founded the Allman Brothers band, two years were enough to leave a legacy, the success of the band achieved between 1969 and 1971 was enough to place him in the music scene where he always stands out for his ability to improvise and to play the Slide guitar.

The Legacy

Duane Allman had a tragic death in 1971 when he lost his life on a bike crash, as it happened with many artists who died young left a career on the rise that we do not know how far it could have taken him.