5 Recent Facts About Sting

via @StingVEVO | Youtube

Think you know pretty much of the guy behind the voice of the band called The Police? Think again, as there are, of course, recent facts few of us knew. So we look back at the 5 Recent Facts About Sting:


1. Sting’s Kids Won’t Get Any Dime Of His Millions

According to him, his kids won’t inherit his $US400 million fortune because he didn’t want to give them that kind of burden like an “albatross around their necks”. He added that “there won’t be much money left because we are spending it.”

2. Recently, Sting Reportedly Bought A $96 Million New York Apartment

Decades of creating music, Sting didn’t waste any of his paid dividends as a musician and has recently bought a 96 million AUD for a penthouse in the 220 Central Park South building, designed by architect Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

3. Did You Know That Sting Used To Be A Teacher?

He was known as Mr. Sumner and was born as Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. In 2010, he calls his job as “One of the most important jobs on the planet.” He knows that teaching is one of the most important jobs there is and it is essential for the future of the students. So how did teacher Summer transition to Sting?

4. Sting’s Kids Are As Every Bit Of Creative Artists As Him

“My generation all assumed we would have a better standard of living. The one that we spawned cannot assume that,” the legend once explained to Daily Mail. “With my children there is great wealth, success — a great shadow over them — so it’s no picnic at all being my child. I discuss that with them; it’s tough for them.” 

5. Sting Rejects The Idea Of A Biopic

When asked about the idea of a biopic film during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sting replied, “Absolutely not. I just don’t think I want to. I’m telling my story in an artistic way. [The Last Ship] is a metaphor. This is a story about me. I’m in this play in many ways—probably more than I intended to. But the character I’m playing is built on composites of people like my father, uncles, people I was brought up with. That’s the way I want to do it, rather than somebody going, “What’s the arc of Sting’s life?” I haven’t finished it yet.”