5 Songs That Made Bad Company A Success In The 70’s

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We are facing a supergroup formed in the 70s through which true Rock legends have established, such as Paul Rodgers himself, a band with a prolific discography that has left great records for history.

We look at the 5 Songs That Made Bad Company A Success In The ’70s:

Can’t Get Enough

Penned by Ralphs, drummer Simon Kirke gave the thunderous intro that started the first side of Bad Company’s self-titled debut record.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy

From the band’s fifth record, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy” is plausibly one of the best tunes ever recorded about what it’s like experiencing life as a rockstar in the music industry.

Shooting Star

“Shooting Star” arrived at a period when substance abuse was claiming its portion of victims in the music industry, usually at a young age. “Shooting Star’s” significant when the song’s protagonist Johnny finds his musical mistress and functions as a cautionary story regarding what can occur when a big visionary achieves more success than he can manage.

Feel Like Makin’ Love

Notwithstanding being English in descent, numbers like “Feel Like Makin’ Love” have a clearly American quality, and Rodgers has stated that he acquired the “language of rock ‘n’ roll listening to lots of blues and soul guys,” that he then he copied with his singing.

Bad Company

Bad Company’s trademark tune also appears to be the name of the band and it’s something that Paul Rodgers struggled arduous for because management and the record company believed it was a “terrible name.”