5 Songs That Made Fleetwood Mac A Success In The 70’s

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Originally a blues-rock band, Fleetwood Mac evolved through the arrival and departure of its members and reached its commercial peak in the late 1970s on a pop-rock record – the band is best known for their album Rumors, released in 1977, which has sold 40 million copies to date, making it one of the world’s best-selling albums.

We look back at the 5 Songs That Made Fleetwood Mac A Success In The ’70s:

Go Your Own Way

Stevie Nicks took her break with Lindsey Buckingham very diplomatically, but Lindsey, not so much. ‘Go Your Own Way’ is a direct dart to Nicks and is included in the album ‘Rumors’, it is considered one of the best rock songs of the 70s.


Rhiannon was Fleetwood Mac’s first hit after the arrival of Lindsey and Stevie. The latter is written by the latter about a Scottish legend, ‘Rhiannon’ is one of the songs that sound best live. The 1976 performance is remembered as one of the most epic, in part thanks to Nicks, who, if already impressive in herself, turns from another planet in the song’s final minutes.



It was very tempting to put ‘Landslide’ at number 1, because it is considered the best Fleetwood Mac ballad, the best display of Stevie’s talent as a songwriter, a song that can – indeed has been – covered a thousand and one times they all work and sound new like the first day.

The Chain

‘The Chain’ is the only song on ‘Rumors’ written by all five members together, and the result could not be anything other than spectacular. It’s a song that talks about staying together, ‘on chain’ despite the dramas and heartbreaks, and they did. The bass, besides being everything in this song, speaks for itself.



This is Stevie’s diplomacy, while Lindsey cut his sleeves with ‘Go Your Own Way’, she was much more subtle and sarcastic – though not more benevolent. ‘Dreams’ meant Fleetwood Mac’s only No. 1 in America, and it’s one of those songs that doesn’t get old, nor does it tire. In short, the song exemplifies the essence of Fleetwood Mac, at least of the most successful “lineup” (not wanting to disparage Peter Green). And that’s why it’s number 1.