7 Career-Defining Songs Of Grand Funk Railroad

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From their first album in 1969 to reach their first number one with We’re an American band in 1973, Grand Funk Railroad (shortened Grand Funk for legal reasons) developed a unique and a thousand times imitated the style of hard rock blues full of passion, talent, technicality, and strength. Until their (first) break in 1976, they released eleven studio albums and two live shows full of great songs.

Shinin’ On

The track appeared as the title track for their album Shinin’ On which was released in 1974. The record was the follow-up album to the highly successful We’re An American Band album.

The Locomotion

The first time this song was recorded was in 1962 and on Little Eva’s voice. Number one single in the United States in the hands of Grand Funk, a mandatory song in their live shows of the time, they recorded it for the album Shinin ‘On.

Gimme Shelter

A muscled version of the Rolling Stones classic for the Survival album. Touch Hendrix in the arrangements and an incredible bass line. By the way, the original can be heard on the 1969 album Let Bleed.

Look At Granny Run Run

Already on the wave of success, they recorded a second album in 1974 (that’s how the seventies were …). Seeking to repeat the success of The Locomotion, they covered this song that Howard Tate made famous in 1966. Funk and roll.

Feelin’ Alright

Also on the album Survival, they dared with this song that Dave Mason composed and recorded for Traffic in 1968 and Joe Cocker a year later.

Into The Sun

 ‘Into The Sun’ established the group’s progressive side. This excellent piece of music that started up the side two of their exceptional debut record, On Time in 1969.

We’re An American Band

In 1973, Grand Funk released their seventh studio album, We’re An American Band. The group hired the talents of the magnificent Todd Rundgren to assist as a producer of the album.