7 Career-Defining Songs Of Molly Hatchet

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Molly Hatchet was founded in 1975 and comes from the city, a barn of good bands, in Jacksonville, Florida. The band’s first formation featured Danny Joe Brown on vocals, Bruce Crump on drums, Banner Thomas on bass, and three guitarists Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland and Duane Roland. People magazine once said that “the interaction between their guitars generates a contagious enthusiasm that gives Hatchet a sense of energy as great as any pop band.”

Sweet Dixie

“Sweet Dixie,” was issued on the No Guts…No Glory record. The album was released in 1983. The tune “Sweet Dixie,” was the B side to the album’s only single “Kinda Like Love.”

Beatin’ The Odds

This amazing track was released in 1980. The group’s third record highlighted a new lead frontman named Jimmy Farrar. Some of Jimmy Page’s trademark Led Zeppelin licks are a bit reminiscent of the song.

Whiskey Man

The vocal harmonies by Molly Hatchet’s lead singer Danny Joe Brown display the spirit of Ronnie Van Zandt. “Whiskey Man,” was the opening track from the group’s 1979 Flirtin’ With Disaster album.

Dreams I’ll Never See

On the group’s debut record, Molly Hatchet chose to record and deliver a cover of the Allman Brothers Band fabulous tune “Dreams.” Molly Hatchet’s version was issued with an extensive title named “Dreams I’ll Never See.” 

Fall of the Peacemakers

The tune “Fall Of The Peacemaker,” was issued on the group’s fifth studio record. The album also highlighted the return of the band’s first lead singer Danny Joe Brown after a two-album absence.

The Rambler

The band’s new frontman Jimmy Farrar gave a charting power ballad Southern rock vocal that quickly won him to the world of Molly Hatchet, This tune is surely Molly Hatchet’s most majestic rock ballad.

Flirtin’ With Disaster

The tune “Flirtin’ With Disaster,” came near to cracking the Billboard Hot 100 singles delaying at No. 42. However, the tune did stay in the top 100 for near to three months.