7 Classic Rock Songs To Summarize The Career Of Replacements

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What makes the Replacements classic rock? When the Replacements emerged in 1978, Tommy Stinson was only 13 years of age at the time, he played as the band’s bassist, and since 1998, he has been Gun’s N’ Roses bass player. That’s what makes the Replacements so classic rock. 

Here’s our look of 7 Classic Rock Songs To Summarize The Career Of Replacements:

7. Achin To Be

Despite the difference between country and punk music, Paul Westerberg saw it differently and thought that both have a lot in common, and so he took it from himself to merge both genres into one, and the outcome was Achin To Be released in 1989 from their album, Don’t Tell A Soul.


6. Color Me Impressed

One of the band’s early funk releases included on their 1983 second album, Hootenanny. The Replacements pushed themselves to create one of the most perfect pop-punk songs. Filmmaker Gorman Bechard inspirations for his 2011 documentary about the band, Color Me Impressed.


5. Alex Chilton

When the band met Big Star frontman Alex Chilton during a gig at CBGB in December 1984, he wounded up producing some of the best songs released by the band. They paid him back by honoring him with this song, released in 1987 from the album, Pleased to Meet Me.


4. Bastards Of Young

Defining the band’s career, Bastards Of Young would become the band’s declaration towards fame. Bastards Of Young also became famous for its music video that has caught the attention of many. Included on the band’s 1985 album, Tim. Watch it below:


3. Unsatisfied

Paul Westerberg’s awakening where he enjoys playing with an acoustic 12-string guitar and a lap steel instrument rather than an electric guitar. He shredded his way to glory, but was still Unsatisfied, which led him to continue forward releasing albums that would define the band’s career. From the band’s 1984 album, Let It Be.


2. Can’t Hardly Wait

One of the few songs that Alex Chilton helped produced for the album Tim, but was included on the 1987 album, Pleased to Meet Me. A song that warms your heart with a desire of returning home, let’s face it, there’s no place like home, and that’s how the band felt during the recording of the song.


1. I Will Dare

From the band’s 1984 album, Let It Be, and yes, it has the same effect of the early Beatles hit. R.E.M’s guitarist, Peter Buck backed up the band by providing guitar solo for the song.