7 Reasons To Love The 80’s Rock n’ Roll Era

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The rock of the 80s marked a new awakening of sounds, dominated by technological advances and the application of electronics to music, sometimes somewhat excessively. In addition, both the hairstyles and the artists’ clothing changed in terms of the appearance that had been used in the 60s and 70s, added to the rise of video clips, and the popularization of exclusive music TV channels, such as the legendary MTV. Next, a list of the bands and groups that you should listen to.

Everything Was Big: The Hairstyles And Shoulder Pads

No era took the “bigger the better” so seriously. The ’80s took everything to the extreme, hairstyles, cars, television screens, shoulder pads. If it wasn’t BIG, it didn’t count in the ’80s.

A Great Time For Music

There is no room for discussion here, Queen, Metallica, Guns & Roses, Megadeth, The Cure, the birth of Thrash Metal, Grunge, and electronic music, there was something for everyone and the list can go on for a long time. The ’80s left us with an epic hit list that no other decade can even match.

The Era Of Techno-Explosion

Is there anything more interesting and entertaining than experiencing the beginning of a new era? We would never get bored with the huge amount of new devices and technologies created in the ’80s and above all the adrenaline of living the decade in which the future we live today began to take shape, the music digital format!

The Aesthetics And Cultural Products Of The Eighties

Various explanations have been given. One of them speaks of the children of the eighties who now occupy the spheres of power and have managed to transform the aesthetics and cultural products of their childhood into profitable merchandise.

When We Look Back To The 80s – We Think Primarily Of Rock Music And The Way Of Life

One possible answer to why the eighties are so attractive is because it is understood as a cultural product, everything was “made” precisely for that: to be liked. When we look back on that decade, we think primarily of rock n’ roll and the way of life and ideology transmitted by musicians, and music videos.

A Factory Full Of Talent

The phenomenon is universal. So much so that there are those who have ventured to create The Nostalgia Machine, the nostalgia machine that quickly and accurately brings you closer to the best hits of the decade that you fancy.

Save Money To Buy An Album

Before we could download the entire history of the music with just one click, there was a time when the goal was to save a few guaraníes a week to buy the cassette we had been waiting for years. That was a job of more or less two months saving. GO FIGURE!