7 Songs To Relive The Career Of The Guess Who

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One of the few Canadian Rock Bands who found their way to global success, The Guess Who provided classic songs powered by soulful vocals of multi-instrumentalist Burton Cummings. They also had a number of hits prior to disbanding in 1975. 

Many of their songs are essential to rock and roll’s history. 

7. Share The Land

More of a preach song of an idea “all for one and one for all.” Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw provided fantastic guitar works and anthemic chorus. Released in 1970 as the title track for the album, “Share the Land.”

6. No Time

A kick-ass song and the lyrics sum up everything. “Seasons change and so did I – you need not wonder why” and “On my way to better things … I found myself some wings,” making it arguably one of the best songs of the era. Released on the album, “Canned Wheat” in 1969.

5. Laughing

A euphemism for losing something, best days, best life, or best times. With the line “…best years [that] have come and gone” is a term that speaks for itself. Included on the album Canned Wheat released in 1969. 

4. Undun

The simplicity of the guitar riff showcased their jazz root. Written by Randy Bachman featuring a wonderful flute solo by Burton Cummings. The song peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard Top 100 Singles chart. Released in Canned Wheat album in 1969.

3. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

Technically a song with two songs, penned by Randy Bachman (“No Sugar Tonight”) and Burton Cummings (“New Mother Nature”). Both decided to merge the two songs into one, realizing that they wrote both songs in the same key. Included on their American Woman album released in 1970.

2. These Eyes

The first American hit of the band. It was the song that introduced them to an American audience. Included on the album Wheatfield Soul released in 1968 — an album that started the remarkable career of these Canadian rockstars. 


1. American Woman

Arguably the band’s biggest hit! The song kicks off with a bluesy riff before turning into one of the group’s enjoyable hard rocking tunes. American Woman surely had helped them to garner their first American Top 10 album. Released in 1970 on their album, American Woman.