70s Bruce Springsteen Songs That We Will Always Remember

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The Boss Of The 70s’

Most rock fans have these favorite stories to tell about the boss of the 70s’, Bruce Springsteen. Most of these stories are we can call his most historic moments in the world of rock n’ roll – and these are the music he created that we will always remember.

We look back on his most memorable songs from the 1970s’.


This is instantly criminally underrated in terms of radio airplay, but this is one of his songs that we will always remember, especially about him. One of Bruce Springsteen most powerful songs and the way he performed the song was an incredibly earthshaking moment, that’s why we still can’t get enough of it.


Even if you’re a biased person who dislikes Bruce Springsteen, you can actually admit that this was indeed a memorable one, and if not the greatest, one of the greatest songs of all time ever written or created by anyone. The very core of the song can make you rock so hard, and that is the SAX SOLO.



It’s kick-ass, it’s one of the best from the 70s’, and is indeed a memorable song by non-other than the boss of the 70s’. Here’s why: because he’s the only one capable of making a 4-minute record feel like musically romped.



Not just the best song in the history of music, but has the best solo in the history of rock. But no matter how hard rocking this song was, it’s one of his most memorable because you have to pull over and cry every listen.


The song that has no chorus, and bridge just a song streaming every consciousness of his. So memorable that it became New Jersey’s National Anthem with the lines:

It’s a town full of losers

And I’m pulling out of here to win