8 Year Old Drummer Can Smoke You With Her Led Zeppelin Cover

via よよか/Vimeo

The Future of Rock

Meet 8-year old Japanese drummer Yoyoka Soma. While almost everyone at this age is probably busy playing with toys or watching their favorite TV shows, this little slammer is already pursuing her passion. Two months ago, she posted a video of her covering a Led Zeppelin classic, “Good Times Bad Times” for an annual international contest called “Hit Like A Girl.”

She also shared that both her parents helped her fall in love with music – they have a home studio full of musical instruments and are amateur singer-songwriters too!

“When I listened to their songs and guitar performances, I was eager to join them and couldn’t stop beating out a rhythm. That was why I started playing the drums. The drum was the first instrument in which I felt an interest in my life. My parents’ music peers often visited us to play together. I was glued to the powerful and dynamic performances by the drummers.” – Yoyoka Soma

Citing John Bonham, Chris Coleman and Benny Greb as her favorite drummers, she is multi-talented as well since she can play the keyboard, sing, and compose her own songs. Even at a young age, she already knows what she wants. Now that’s something!

“As a drummer, I enjoy being groove, tones and try to support vocalists carefully. My dream is to be the best drummer in the world.” – Yoyoka Soma

We’ve no doubt, she will definitely get there.