’80s Rock Stars You Won’t Recognize Today

Then VS Now

The 1980s didn’t just give us numerous classics to cater to every music taste, it was also the time when rock legends were made. We got great music, glamorous styles and more importantly, this decade gave us some of the sexiest human beings to ever walk the earth.

Talk about oozing sex appeal, massive talent and mind-blowing stage presence. They’re the epitome of “full package.” But while they looked scorching hot in their prime, they didn’t have access to the fountain of youth. It may be because living life in the fast lane also has its downsides OR you know, they just went through the normal process of aging. Either way, if you haven’t followed them closely through the years, you’d be surprised what they look like now.

With their most recent photos, can you still recognize them?

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Axl Rose

Remember the first time you saw Axl before the Guns ‘n Roses reunion? Yep, we were just as shocked.

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Scott Ian

Scott Ian from Anthrax sure went from cool guitarist to you-don’t-mess-with-me-ever kind of badass.

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Kerry King

He used to have long hair and less tattoos and boy, the glow up is real.

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Bruce Dickinson

If you bumped into him at the supermarket, would you even think he has one of the most powerful voices in rock?

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Tommy Lee

He was one of the hottest rockstars of the ’80s. Well, he’s still as wild today.

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Bret Michaels

Minus the bandana, would you have recognized him easily?

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David Lee Roth

We’re wondering if he can still pull off those epic karate kicks.

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Dee Snider

His whole ’80s look is one of the reasons why we have mixed feelings about that era.

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Joe Elliott

He just went from naturally wavy to straight hair.

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Chrissie Hynde

She’s still not your average rocker chick!

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Rob Halford

He shaved his head, grew a beard and even at 66 years old, he could still outshine anyone in the vocal department.

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Sebastian Bach

Well he still has that glorious mane so…

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Gene Simmons

One thing hasn’t changed though – Gene picking fights with basically anyone.

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To be fair, no one can recognize him without his massive black hair.

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Angus Young

When he’s on stage though, he’s still larger-than-life.

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Sammy Hagar

He may have gotten older, but the swag is definitely still there.

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Stephen Pearcy

That’s the thing about rockstars, they grow old and still look cool.

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Richie Sambora

Anyone else looking forward to a Bon Jovi reunion?

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Vince Neil

He’ll always be a rock legend anyway.