A Cat-Fronted Metal Band Exist And They Just Released A New Single

via @callmearmageddon | Instagram

The phenomenon Cattera has burst onto the metal scene with all the force in the world, managing to attract the attention of all the faithful to this genre as it is a group led by, as its name implies, a cat who acts as the vocalist (if we understand the meows as such).

Also parodying Pantera with its logo, this band has released this Thursday (coinciding with the celebration of April Fools Day) “Hunger of the Beast”, their debut single. Listen to it below:

Cattera has also taken the opportunity to present a video from the studio of Roope-Shakir, the cat in charge of this project (and which belongs to Anna Mrzyglocki, product manager of Fearless Records).

Watch the video below:

Cattera also has a commendable mission, since all the profits generated will go to Whiskers-A-GoGo, a voluntary association dedicated to the rescue of cats that precisely rescued Roope-Shakir from the streets and found him a home.