A Greta Van Fleet Biography Now Exist

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Greta Van Fleet’s massive success is surely a fast one and it’s continuingly growing — the new kids from Michigan even before the release of their Anthem of the Peaceful Army debut album were already billed as top rockers of this generation.

There’s a deeper story to these young ones who were dubbed as Led Zeppelin copycats, and thankfully we’re going to be able to know their full story by an unauthorized biography called, Hard Work: The Greta Van Fleet Story.

It’s now available in from Riverdale Avenue Books, the story of Hard Work follows the band’s quick rise to stardom over the last few years. In the logline, it describes as, “equal parts biography and inspirational story.” The book features interviews with local club owners from Greta Van Fleet’s early days (2014) and the story behind their controversial Saturday Night Live performance, and some insights why Led Zeppelin was not their influences.

Hard Work: The Greta Van Fleet Story, an unauthorized biography is being advertised as the band’s complete “discography, including outtakes from recording sessions, live garage recordings, concert recordings and recordings of unreleased original songs.” It’s odd, how the so-called book managed to get hands-on “live garage recordings.”

The book’s author, New York Times bestseller Marc Shapiro, said in a statement, 

 “[Hard Work] is a biography but it is also a blueprint to anybody that wants to make real, believable music. Greta Van Fleet slugged it out in the rock and roll trenches and their reward is that they are currently one of the biggest bands on the planet. If you follow their lead, you can get there too.”

But it’s a wonder, how could a band whose debut single is only two years old already has a biography. 

Watch the controversial Saturday Night Live performance of “You’re The One I Need” below: