A Meteor Falls Exactly After This Part From Foo Fighters Show

via stopstalkingmenoah/reddit

What A Time To Be Alive

Foo Fighters have been making the news lately because of their super extra performances – like the time a stunt man posed as Dave Grohl and reenacted his fall from the stage or more recently, when they invited Guns ‘n Roses to the stage to perform a GnR classic. And apparently, the universe seems to want their piece of the fun.

In one of their shows, a meteor fell overhead during Taylor Hawkins’ solo. It’s as if the rock gods want to send us a message. But of course in today’s world, you need pictures as proof or we’ll all assume it didn’t happen. But we have something much better – a video!

Lucky for us, a reddit user caught that particular moment on cam and shared it with the world. What are the odds of this happening ever again?! Also, we can’t wait for the next epic thing to happen in another one of their concerts!