A Modern Janis Joplin-Like Performance In America’s Got Talent – Judges Were Stunned

via America's Got Talent/YouTube

Are You Ready?

When she sings, she transforms completely. And we just have to ask – where did that powerful voice come from? We’ve seen several cover versions of Janis Joplin classics but man, this one is on another level for sure. This 13-year old’s take on “Hard to Handle” in an episode of America’s Got Talent stunned us. Her vocal performance had power and soul but it also had finesse – she’s definitely not your average teenager.

She wowed the judges and even floored the usually-difficult-to-impress Simon Cowell who said:

“You were this shy little thing when you first came out, then you sing and you’re like a lion — genuinely incredible.”

It’s crazy how much talent this young girl has. And somehow, she made us hopeful that maybe classic rock isn’t entirely dead after all. She did justice to the song and performed it like it’s nobody’s business! And although we think she may be born in the wrong decade, we still believe she’s here to breathe new life into epic musical masterpieces like this.

via America’s Got Talent/YouTube

“I’ve had some messages from some famous people which have been so unreal that they know who I am. I had support from Paloma Faith, Luke Evans, Stevie van Zandt, Jojo Siwa and Sharon Stone. It was amazing that so many big names had been talking about me.” – Courtney Hadwin

She goes all-out with every performance and this Janis Joplin cover is actually just a glimpse of what she can do with her voice. Those are some serious pipes but more than that, music just flows through her. You don’t just listen to the song, you feel it to your very core.

She takes on tunes which aren’t easy to sing and manages to pull them off flawlessly. We can’t imagine what more she can do in a few years. We can’t wait to hear more from her!