A Rebirth Of Real Rock Music – Led Zeppelin Sound A Like?


The new band in this new generation, their music were inspired and influenced by the golden age rock n’ roll and Led Zeppelin. They will literally blow your mind. We always thought that rock music is dead, but here it comes. The new kids in town, giving us hope once again!
These damn kids are great! You can certainly see the classic rock influence in their songs. These kids deserve to be known. The incredible fact about these younglings is that they are (maybe) younger than your kids.

It’s about time to have real music in the shitty world of today’s music.

Greta Van Fleet was formed in 2012 consisting of four members. Josh Kiska (Vocalist) and Jake Kiska (Lead Guitar) are twin brothers, Sam Kiszka (Bass/Pianist) is their youngest brother who just recently graduated from high school and the other member is the best friend of their youngest brother named Danny Wagner (Drummer) who also recently graduated from high school. The band released their debut EP, Black Smoke Rising, and the debut single, Highway Tune that topped the Billboard US Mainstream Rock in September 2017. They also have a second release, the double EP “From the Fires“, containing four songs from Black Smoke Rising and other four new songs. The double EP was released on November 10, 2017.

These kids are like the Grandkids of Zeppelins. It looks like the Zeps passed the torch for these younglings to rock the world once again. They may be the thing for the golden age rock n’ roll to rise again, The REBIRTH OF REAL ROCK MUSIC.

 You should check this out: 

(I decided to choose this video from youtube for you to see how great they are.This video says it all. WARNING: You should also check the insane guitar solo.)


Have they caught your attention? T’was insane, right?

They’ve got the SONGS, they’ve got the TALENTS, they’ve got the VOICE, and they’ve got the Looks. They are blessed by the Rock Gods! The healing of our scars in the darkest night filled with soulless music in today’s world has come to an end.

These kids are totally badass! They are seeping with Led Zeppelin influence, it’s not even a bad thing because they are keeping the flame alive for rock n’ roll. They are “Not only just a Led Zeppelin Wannabes”. Their songs are really strong, they did a great job putting their songs together.

Here’s another one for you,

Let us hope for a much more successful career for this band! Let’s support them. But if you don’t like them, then listen to something else and F off.