A Rock N Roll Revolution On The Horizon?

When Someone Says: “Rock N’ Roll Is Dead,” Just Show Them This New Band…..

Greta Van Fleet, the youngbloods from Frankenmuth, Michigan are making a buzz with songs that sounded like the unearthed “classic rock.” The band consists of brothers Josh, Sam, and Jake Kiszka, who formed the band in the early 2010s with their longtime friend Danny Wagner.

The four-piece blues-rock band has only released two studio EPs, “Black Smoke Rising,” and “From the Fires,” without an actual album yet, they are getting the kind of hype that rock bands nowadays never get.  For many critics and fans, they are being considered as the future of rock n’ roll, and some are dubbing them as “The Next Led Zeppelin.”

It looks like Greta Van Fleet is the beginning of a much-needed “Rock N’ Roll” revival and one of the best things that have ever happened to “Rock N’ Roll” for quite some time. They are truly bringing the music we love back to the mainstream.

It was a surprise when we first heard them especially their song “Highway Tune,” — thinking that this song was some lost archival release of Led Zeppelin, — but we were wrong. Greta Van Fleet are very impressive and very rare to see in this generation. You got to give it to them, especially the vocalist, you don’t often see someone hit some of those “Robert Plant-like” notes with ease. Even the rest of the band ain’t half bad either…..

These guys are awesomely really good for their age and experience — very energetic, and intriguing. These kids have got it, and hope they can break it out and be successful — this gives us hope. If these guys can bring young generation together and show them that there’s more than just hip-hop or rap or pop music out there, then that would be great. The world needs more rock fans — a lot more.

Greta Van Fleet is not only for the classic rock fans like us but also for the next generation.

If you haven’t heard them yet, give it a try check and listen to them in the videos below.