A Sandwich Accident Caused Neil Young To Cancel A Whole Tour

via @Farm Aid | YouTube

Neil Young was scheduled to perform in Madrid, San Sebastián, and Barcelona on July 1, 2, and 3 of 1997, respectively, concerts that “do not have a new date for their celebration,” according to the promoter.

However, few days before kicking the road and making way to Europe, a kitchen disaster would stop Young from performing at Worthy Farm.

During his five-week-long rest before hitting the road, Young decided to have a perfect ham sandwich for lunch. Preparing sandwiches is something that Old Shakey has likely fulfilled over his existence, and the possibilities of crisis ensuing were slim to none. However, a mistake in thought led to the talented guitarist slicing the tip of his left index finger whilst making the perfect ham sandwich.

Canadian rocker Neil Young has suffered a severe cut on the index finger of his left hand while cutting a sandwich with a knife, resulting in the loss of a phalanx.

Young, however, manage to acknowledge the humorous side of the accident, “I’d have eaten the thing in one piece if I’d known that cutting it in half would jeopardize the tour, It’s macaroni and cheese from now on,” he said.

Latest, Neil Young sold 50% of the copyright to his music catalog, which comprises some 1,180 songs, to the British investment company Hipgnosis Songs Fund, the firm announced.

The deal, the details of which were not disclosed, comes a month after Bob Dylan sold his rights to some 600 songs to the group Universal Music Publishing for an amount of between 300 and 500 million dollars.