A Side By Side Movement Comparison Of Freddie Mercury And Rami Malek – It’s So Eerily Similar!

via AMC Theatres/YouTube

Rami Malek Did An Awesome Job!

We’ll say it so you don’t have to – Rami Malek was born to play Freddie Mercury and we are mighty glad he was chosen for the part. And he clearly took it seriously and worked hard to give life to this film. We know it’s a biopic of Queen and not just Freddie himself but we can’t discount how much Rami contributed to its success. We remember when the official trailer dropped and we were rendered speechless.

And this video confirmed what we already know – even Rami’s smallest gestures were so incredibly accurate when compared to Freddie’s. And he got the approval of Brian May and Roger Taylor which is a HUGE deal.

“People talk about awards and things, but I’m good. The fact that after all these years [making the movie], Brian May and Roger Taylor are my friends, and now, while I’m in London, I’m going to be having tea and dinner with Kash . . . get out of town. Who wants more than that?” – Rami Malek


To say that Rami did justice to his character would be an understatement. He didn’t just channel Freddie, he captured the magic that made Freddie a legend. You can only imagine the kind of pressure Rami felt, he had VERY BIG shoes to fill.

“It is extremely daunting having what feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders – [Freddie] is everything to everyone and I just never wanted to let him down and every day I went in there and reminded myself this had nothing to do with anybody and had nothing to do with me or anyone in the crew, any one of the actors. We were here to honour and celebrate this human being, and no one is getting in the way of that.” – Rami Malek

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’re missing out. Check out the clip below…