AC/DC Christmas Light Display Video Compilation

via @AC/DC | Youtube

Christmas Holidays are always the most awaited season every year. And it’s more fun when you synchronized rock ‘n’ roll with outdoor Christmas lights displays, but how could you do it even better than AC/DC music? Let’s take a look at AC/DC Christmas Light Display Video Compilation.


Christmas Thunder

Thunderstruck’ is one of AC/DC most popular anthemic tune but then they synchronized it with Christmas lights displays – the best rock n’ roll light show you’ll ever have. This clip below captures one of the most impressive Christmas lights displays with thousands of lights, glowing snowmen, and trees all dancing celebrating the birth of Christ.


Lit Me All Night Long

With 15,000 colorful Christmas lights plus AC/DC’s, ‘You Shook Me All Night Long, then there’s nothing that can beat this. In the video below, you’ll see a display called Santa’s Airport, featuring lit-up trees, reindeer, crosses, airplanes and even a helicopter piloted by Santa himself.


Christmas Bells

Dubbed as ‘The Shack,’ which features a home with multiple strings and glowing globes of white lights flashing along to AC/DC’s classic ‘Hells Bells.


Back In Black Christmas

This ‘Back in Black’ Christmas display features the best-synched with the song — the only problem is that the videographer decided to record it during the fading evening. 



The track has a special place when it comes to Christmas lights display — Thunderstruck makes two separate appearances in this list making it the best elaboration of lights display with rock n’ roll.