AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Lamented The “Awful” Secrecy Of Band’s Operations

via @Loudwire | YouTube

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson regretted the “awful” nondisclosure dealings surrounding band operations that made him into a “lying bastard.”

He and his bandmates were subject to NDAs since they started work on the group’s first new record, Power Up since, due to be released on Nov. 13. Contracts involved that they were not allowed to say anything regarding the album, even though reports popped after band members were recognized outside a Vancouver recording studio in 2018.

During a new interview with the Let There Be Talk podcast, host Dean Delray informed Johnson he discovered Power Up back in March, but he signed a nondisclosure contract to not disclose any information regarding the album.

“Join the club! It was awful!” Johnson replied. “We’d be walking around for months [hearing], ‘So, man, what’s happening, man? I hear there’s photographs on the thing, man! … Come on, you can tell me!’ ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ ‘Ah, come on, man!’ ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, honest mate!’ And then later they’re gonna [say], ‘You lying bastard!’”

Full interview below.