Adorable Dog Helps His Human Friend Cover Jimi Hendrix

AcousticTrench / Youtube

Already been said before that dogs are man’s best friends. The most loyal companions of the human being, the most tender, the most playful, the most sympathetic, and the most beloved.

In short, they are the favorite animal for many families when it comes to looking for a pet for the home. Tenderness, fidelity, and an eternal disposition to give affection is what these beautiful canines promise. But the human-dog combo, also stands out for other faculties: and that is rock n’ roll music.

The adorable dog, name Maple below synchs in with his owner in perfect harmony with what he plays, Maple on the Drums, allowing him to generate a beat to furfectly cover Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze that can be enjoyed by anyone. The effects of seeing him make music is really a positive vibe just by watching him.

This little dog, Maple, revolutionizes the Internet by playing music, “Purple Haze” with his owner. Keep going for the video below: