After Bohemian Rhapsody, We’ll Also Be Getting A Bob Marley Biopic

via The Tropixs

Yes Please!

This is an exciting news for all Bob Marley fans since it’s been reported that the late reggae icon’s son Ziggy Marley is partnering up with Paramount Pictures to create a biopic as a tribute to his father. This isn’t the first Bob Marley biopic and in fact, it’s still in the early stages of development which means there are no producers, directors or writers involved yet.

Ziggy Marley, on the other hand, is also an accomplished musician and producer. He produced “Bob Marley & The Wailers: Easy Skanking in Boston ’78” and was an executive producer for “Marley,” “Marley Africa Roadtrip,” and “Bob Marley Legend Remixed.”

“My father was always a man who had a certain aura about him. Had a certain way of treating people, so even before I knew about the world, I knew who my father was, as a man, as a person and how people see him. I would say that I really knew my father was a man of great stature. He didn’t change who he was, and the world just recognized the things that I saw already before, you know? So my old man, my father, he never really changed when I found out about the world recognizing and loving him.” – Ziggy Marley

Anyone else as excited as us?